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Distractions, Discouragement, Delusion, and Doubt

The 4 D's of the devil



    These four “D’s” are some of the greatest tools that the devil has for his troops to use. They play on our minds by using the weaknesses of the flesh, our lack of knowledge of the Bible, and any weakness in faith, in God, we may have. If you have never felt any of these, you more then likely will at some time. If you live your life truly saved and never feel at least one of these, you are truly blessed. These aren’t signs that you’re saved, or unsaved either. Both  groups have times when they feel them. If the enemy can use these to keep you unsaved, he will. If your saved he will use them to tie you up, or slow you down. Let’s take a look at these, one at a time.Jesus with Martha and Mary



First, a short story for the Christians and soon to become Christians;

    There were two women that worked at a local church. One day a great, well known, and knowledgeable theologian walked in the front door. He was between flights and had little time to visit. They both jumped up and welcomed him. While one went to get a chair for their guest, the other headed for the back office.

    Back in the office she is calling for pizza deliveries or maybe Chinese? What can she nuke in the microwave in the meantime? She’s starting a pot of coffee, washing the dishes from the morning snack. So much to do, where’s the video camera? Should she call the local Christian TV or radio station? Where are those coffee cups, got to clear that cart to serve with, need to get some tables and chairs set up for others, need to call those others. Why did she wear this goofy t-shirt with “my take home pay won’t take me home”, need to find something more appropriate. Oh! “I’ll run over to the school and have the teacher bring the kids from the choir across the yard to sing, the little ones are so cute”. Then I’ll check to see if we can arrange someplace for him to stay just in case his flight is delayed, need to make sure it’s nice, better line up a nice car for him to use. The regular coffee is done better put on decaf, great we’re out of milk, she’ll just run to the corner for half a gallon, while she’s there she picks up a couple of bags of things she feels are needed. On the way she picks up the to-go food, then swings by the bank to replace the petty cash and check the balances, just in case they need more, after all this is a urgent situation. Soon more time has gone by then she ever dreamed. When she finally does make it back to the office she is wore and upset with her friend, who hasn’t given her a hand. After all, why did she have to do it all? She walks in to find an empty room. On her friends desk is a note. “Sorry to have missed you but the plane came in earlier then expected, I went with him, wished you could have come also, but the time was short.

     If you know your Bible you will recognize some of the story about Martha and Mary (Lk. 10:38) who had a visit by the Lord Jesus. But unlike the story from the Bible we have a new element today, that being the rapture. Just like with Martha and Mary we need to know what is important in the Christian life because this time when Jesus makes a visit, he taking those that do.

     In the church there are people who think they are saved, this happens with. And it happens to the saved also. What starts as good intent, and a desire to serve the Lord ends up becoming an distraction of what is important. We feel like we need to do more and more to make the Lord happy. What makes things worst is 90 percent of the work done in a church, is done by 10 percent of the congregation. If your part of that 10 percent you can get “lost” in the work. Soon we are planning our class studies, arranging the next teen trip. We have the meetings during the week. Wednesday night service, Thursday woman’s club, Bible studies, coffee and donuts for between services, Monday visitations, Tuesday elders. Missions, witnessing, Sunday school, hospitals, finances, expansions, acquisitions, you name it and you can get lost in it.

    This will cause burn out in most Christians, resentment will set in, and any rewards that may be accredited to you, for this work, is lost because the love isn’t in it. You look like a super Christian to the outside but inside one can start to feel used, or disgusted. Your prayer life can start to suffer and many times these people aren’t on a “one to one” relationship with God, because they spend all their time in “Godly church matters”. Good works can’t save you, but God does expect us to perform them, not as a job requirement, but as a “fruit” of our Christian life. If you are doing any “good works” because you feel you “haft to”, rethink and pray for guidance. We are all given gifts of the Spirit (those who have been saved) and we should use them for the betterment of the Church. But no one has all the gifts, and we have tendencies to pursue fields that we don’t have a gift in.

    Pick what is needed to be done, that is in line with your gift, as opposed to what is desired first. And if your capable of doing it, then do it. If there is extra free time, or resources, then move into other areas. Delegate to others (that are willing) responsibilities they feel they can take on. You may be impressing your fellow church members by being a super Christian, but are you impressing God?

    Pride rears its head many times. People start to comment on the job your doing. Start telling you how “good” of a Christian you are. How “gifted”, or blessed, favored, or special you are. All that may be true, but make sure you give credit were credit is due, to God. All those gifts and blessings come from Him, make sure you don’t start to believe it’s you. A true sense of humility is needed, either that, or put some padding on, and brace for a fall.

    Don’t believe that if your church, or you, are doing great works that it is a automatic sign that you are in the favor of God, or saved. There are so many who attend church their whole lives, work their butts off, and never get saved. If you are evoking the name of Jesus, God may honor the works you do, not because of you, but out of defense of His Son’s name. That doesn’t mean you’re saved. Be careful and take a good look at yourself. Make sure your not one of those that will say “we did miracles in your name”, and have Jesus say “I never knew you”.

  Any time your duties are putting a wedge between you and God, they are becoming counter productive. It isn’t good for you, and may even show in the work you perform. Short periods of a heavy work load, till help can be had, is one thing. But if it becomes a standard practice, realignment of priorities are in order. Jesus didn’t commend the sister for her efforts, but pointed out how the other knew what was important. Fellowship with God vastly over shadows any works you can do for Him, with the possible exception of bringing another into that fellowship.

    What really hurts is when the person isn’t saved. There are Pastors, Deacons, Elders, teachers, etc. that have their life filled with church, but aren’t a member of “the Church”.


    Outside the church distractions are even more numerous and varied for the unsaved (and saved).


     The Devil has tried to portray himself as either a nightmarest monster, or a cute little imp. In his heart he is a monster but neither is how he will appear most of the time. Remember that he was an angel of light first, and can still take that form. He rather you think he looks like the monster he is, so you won’t recognize the image he’ll portray. If you did meet him on the street more then likely he would be one of the nicest people you have ever meet. So nice that you may just over look those little things that just don’t seem right.

     He also is more then happy to give you anything you like, if that will keep you from getting saved, or keep you from service to God. Christianity grows under persecution. It doesn’t do as well in abundance. When one doesn’t have any other choice, they will turn to God, which is fine because you know that it was God that pulled you though. But when we have resources, we tend to rely on ourselves. Paul said that he learned how to live in plenty, and without. How to live with plenty I believe is harder. A new car, better job, large bank account, whatever is needed to distract you from the will of God will do. The devil will give you the world to keep your soul, and you don’t even need to have read Foust.

     Jesus said it was harder to get a camel though the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to make it to heaven. The eye of the needle was a hole in the walls of the city. One man high and about two men in width. It was used to keep enemies from rushing the city. You could enter only in single file. A person could get a camel though it, but it wasn’t easy. You had to get the camel on it’s knees with it’s head down, and have it crawl though the “eye”, that could be many feet long. Camels aren’t “user friendly”, most didn’t want to do it.

     If you remember the rich man had asked Jesus, what he had to do, to be better (and by mans standards, he was a “good” man). He was told to leave his riches behind and follow Jesus; he left feeling a little depressed to say the least (Matt.19:21-30). Mankind loves his toys.

    God doesn’t want us to be poor because He thinks poor people are better. In fact, if we could handle it, I believe He’d make everyone rich. God just knows what “the love of money” can do to us. God will give you as much as He thinks you can handle, the devil will give you whatever it takes to goof you up. Solomon asked for wisdom (1 Ki. 3:5-15), and God gave him that, and added riches because of his answer. He was the wisest man to have ever have lived, and he couldn’t handle the riches. To whom He gives much, He expects much. What would you do with the riches? Give it back to God? You “can’t out give God”, but most won’t get more then a mental understanding of those words, because most won’t put their faith in them. Those with plenty give out of abundance and very seldom ever notice the lost. To truly give, it should be in faith, and not your leftovers. Remember the widow’s mite (Mk.12:41)?

    If for some reason you have money and are doing well, the devil may give you more or take it from you, whatever it takes to make you turn your back on God. The devil doesn’t care if your rich or poor, he will try to push you which ever way that will do the most damage.

    Just a side note, I mentioned that the devil is good at messing with peoples lives, this is true but don’t look for the devil in everything. People give “it” to much credit. The devil is not all powerful, or all knowing, and can’t be everywhere. He can’t read your mind or have any effect on your salvation. People like to say “the devil made me do it”, that’s highly unlikely. The average Christian will never have a visitation from the devil. His time is spent accusing the human race before God, walking the halls of capitals around the world, and doing what he can to destroy the Christians and Jews as a group. You and I are too small for him to take notice. He has roughly a third of the angles that went with him, they aren’t a fun bunch either. They do his bidding and from time to time may swing by to take a visit if it looks like you’re truly an effective Christian for God. I hate to say it but most of us don’t raise any red flags.

    The best defense against the devil and his buds is the Word of God. If you have received salvation, He that is in you is far greater then any of them. In the name of Jesus you can command them to leave. If you know who Jesus is.

     Evil has it's limits also, and they can’t affect your salvation. Don’t give them more credit then they deserve, it makes the Christian look like a nut seeing the devil in everything. Cars get flats, people get sick, storms happen, and not everything is “evil”. We live in a fallen world and much of what happens is just a byproduct of that fall. When we blame the devil for everything we also hinder much needed self reflection. We as a culture no longer take responsibility for our own actions. It’s our parents, governments, media, friends, companies; never what happens to us is because of ourselves. You will stand before Jesus and none of them will be there to answer for you. If they “helped” to influence you, they will answer for that on their own. Jesus isn’t going to want to hear “the devil made me do it”, or anything/anyone else either. God gives us a way to have our sins paid for with the plan of salvation. God also gives us means to resist “evil” and temptation, if we fall, we fall on our own. God can’t be temped and doesn’t temp. God will not put distractions in front of you. The devil may, but most of the time he doesn’t need to, we humans are quite twisted on our own. After the rapture and tribulation, man will have a thousands years of evil under lock and key. Jesus will rule the earth from Jerusalem, and still man will rebel when evil is released, not because they will be brain washed by the devil. But because man will see an opportunity, to have things his way. How many will rebel, the Bible doesn’t say but if a third of the angels fell, then a fair estimate would be at least a third of man may also.

    Remember to use your heads. The devil and his minions are formable; the devil does walk this earth like a roaring loin. If you start doing great works for God you will attract attention. But your salvation is safe. For the most part we give him too much credit in our day to day life. It’s so much easier for evil to walk the halls of Hollywood, the capital, Madison Ave., the seminaries, or the U.N.. Much easier to change the laws; affect the culture by way of movies, TV, books, and entertainment. And the most important area, our schools.

    Morals are taught from one generation to another. At any time we are just one generation from anarchy. If the kids are raised without God in their lives, and they get their moral base from our culture, the devil just needs to let the “flesh” to have its way. Distractions like school, MTV, culture, friends, malls, drugs, etc. has made the home just a place for our children to keep their “stuff”. And the children themselves have become a distraction to the adults. A family isn’t a village, a social unit, or just a group of people with the same last name and address. Don’t let the family itself become a distraction. A distraction is something that takes us away from what our main focus should be. God should be first, but family, I think, should at least make the top 100, don’t you think? A family can only be a distraction if it keeps you from God, otherwise it should be a vehicle to pass on the knowledge of God, and the morals that the Bible teaches.

   Distractions at times may be; tension or anger in the family, poor health, jobs, the world and life as a whole, but our biggest distraction is ourselves. We fill our agendas with more then we should. It seems at times that man fears quiet time. Maybe we will be forced to interact with family (?), to read a book (the Bible?), to “be still and know I’m God”, as God has asked of us. Meetings in the morning, drop family off, work, work, work, then after school clubs, after work drinks, T.V., movies, dinner out, the mall. Here comes the weekend with the lawn, sports, NASCAR, fishing, golf, cars, bikes, shopping, e-mail, etc.. If we do find a good church (and that’s not easy) we may squeeze time for that. Unless of course that has taken a life of its own like in the story, then it’s all church all the time, but not unusually all God all the time.

    Don’t let the world take your life over, let the “LIFE” take your world over. God doesn’t ask for us to move to the Himalayas, and become hermits, but He doesn’t wish for us to put Him on a “To Do” list either.

    Keep your eyes on Jesus, wear spiritual blinders if need be, but where your treasures are, so will be your heart. Those earthly treasures for modern man have become a massive distraction.



    If you saw yourself in the last situation you may be feeling discouraged. This is another of the devils tried and true tools. This will surface when a Christian backslides, falls “off the wagon”, falls into old habits, or tries to take on a situation under their own power, with out consideration of what would be best for God, or even himself.

    Feelings such as, “I blew that, Gods never going to trust me again”, “my life was so bad, God can’t use me”, “I’m not smart enough”, “why me, theirs others so much better”, I’m to bad, people don’t listen to me, I don’t know enough, etc.

    If you look at the greats in the Bible, most were just average Joes. Some like Paul had formal education and were used for a special situation. God used Paul to tie the Old Testament to the New Testament. He had the knowledge already and it was much easier to have him write from his knowledge base. Paul also had a great zeal for God, just badly misplaced at first. But most of the others were just normal people of little or no education. Peter was a rough and tuff fisherman who at times used coarse langrage, had a bad temper, and looked at life with a child’s eye. David was a shepherd, and not the first born, which carried a lot of weight in his time. David was also an adulterer, and both Paul and David had innocence blood on their hands. Peter denied Jesus three times. Talk about feelings of discouragement.

    I find great comfort in these records. There’s hope for me. Just writing for this web site I run into all of the above as far as distractions, discouragement, disillusion, and doubt. Every time I start to write, some minor disaster seems to arise. I’ve been wanting to start a website for years, but have felt I don’t know enough, I’m terrible with chapter and verse, my spelling sucks (my choice of words leaves a lot to be desired), and anyone who knows me will never believe me. Now I’m just going to plow ahead come hell or high water. And on the west coast of Florida, and being this close to the end times, both are real possibilities. I decided that God would rather have me try and fail, then to just sit on my butt. I’ll trust in Jesus, and the Spirit, to help with what I lack in formal schooling.

    Another discouragement for me is; what are the chances of anyone even reading this or finding the site, will anyone care? Then I read about some of the prophets that were sent out (not that I’m a prophet by any stretch) and God telling them “speak to the people”, whether they listened or not. When I think I’m not schooled and I haven’t had a long life of bible study, the words of Paul to Timothy come to mind, telling him not to be discouraged because of his age (lack of experience) (1Tim. 4:12). When I think to myself, if anyone knew who was writing this they wouldn’t take it seriously, when I think I have no formal training, I remember others were called from behind plows or fishing nets. I think that my life isn’t what it should be, but the Bible is full of men whose lives weren’t what they should be, but they still kept trying. That’s one of the wonders of our God, He uses average people. Not only does He take the most common and simple of people to do His works, He doesn’t clean them up either. In the Bible we see them, warts and all, which helps to keep me from letting discouragement stop me.

     If we could be perfect, there wouldn’t have been a need for Jesus to die for us. In fact if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that we’re going to screw up. God knows this; he knew how and where I was going to fail before I was born. He sent Jesus to pay for these sins, for me and everyone else. If everyone in the world was perfect but me, Jesus would still have had to die, just for me, like He would have died just for you, if you were the only sinner, He loves us that much. If Jesus loves me that much, then at least I can stop feeling sorry for myself, pick myself up and keep trying. All the greats went though discouragement, they just kept going. I'm not one of the greats but that doesn't mean I can't learn from them. If God is with us, who can be against us.

    It must have been somewhat discouraging for Adam and Eve to be booted out of the Garden of Eden. On top of that they knew everyone after them would be suffering from their desire “to be like God”.

    Elijah, who is one of my favorites, ran into the wilderness. He didn’t hide after a colossus failure; he hid after a great victory against the priests of baal. Word was sent that Jezebel wanted him wiped out. He had just showed how powerful God was, he knew that God was backing him 100 percent, yet he took to the hills. Here was a man that could (and will again someday) turn the rain on and off, not by his power, but by the power of God. He called fire from Heaven (and will again soon), yet he was so discouraged that God had to feed him, by bringing him food (1 Ki. 18:16-19:16).

    Jesus himself in the Garden comes back to find the closest of his Apostles asleep after asking them to wait. He wakes them, leaves for a bit and again they are sleeping (Matt.26:40). Yet Jesus didn’t say “the heck with you guys, I’m out of here”. In less then 24 hours He would be laying His life down for their sins, to give them eternal life with Him, and they couldn’t stay awake for an hour or so. Now that’s discouraging.

    Moses not being allowed to enter the Promised Land (De.34:4) because of a lack of control over his emotions one time. David not being able to build the Temple because he was a man of war (1 Ki. 5:3).

    Elijah and Moses both show up ready to go to work as the “Two Wittiness”, and Jesus has to turn them back because the nation of Israel wasn’t ready to accept their Messiah. Elijah and Moses didn’t know of the “Church Age”, they were ready to kick butt, but instead they had to cool their heels for two thousand more years. In all fairness Peter did offer to build them a tent (Lk. 9:28), but I’m sure they were a little discouraged at that moment.

    You have to love Peter because of the way he could stick his foot in his mouth. Jesus would correct him just like the “Father” He is. You can almost hear Peters thoughts, “Man  I blew that one”. Jesus one time told him, “Get behind me satan”, talk about being discouraged. I can’t imagine what I would feel like if God called me satan because of something I said. And since Peter is such an everyday man, think how discouraged he was when Jesus, on his brief return in person, told him how he was going to die (Jn. 21:18). Here’s Peter, with the idea of being crucified, hanging over his head for the rest of his life. That had to be at times discouraging, after expecting the coming Kingdom to be ushered in, with Jesus as the King. Peter was expecting “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. But Gods will was to wait for the “Church”. Peter didn’t, at that time, understand. I bet he was a little “disillusioned”.


     Disillusion; happens a lot to those who think they are Christians, and Christians that had the wrong idea of what Jesus was going to do for them.

    The new age church sells a new improved form of Christian life. We now have “ebay” Christianity. Whatever “it” is, you can have “it”. God is the cosmic Santa Clause, if you want something, put the order in and get one, get one for your neighbor too (that will show you love them).

    Disillusion happens so often today when churches, and sometimes well meaning Christians, oversell the false, and undersell the truth. The only things God does promise is the forgiveness of your sins. All sins, no matter how great or small are paid for. With the forgiveness of sins comes eternal life with God. He promises that you will be one of his children and that He will love you. He promises after you have been saved, if you work for him, for His benefit, not yours, there will be rewards. Those rewards are to be assigned in Heaven, not on earth. Your works for Him will not save you. They may not do a thing for you here on earth, in fact they may make your life harder here.

    You don’t have to do anything for God, and if you receive His gift of salvation, you will still go to heaven. In fact if you still lead the same life you did before salvation, you still go to heaven. You may get your hand slapped, or called “Home” (heaven) early, like any Father will do to His kids, and you won’t receive any rewards, but you can’t lose your salvation.

    That’s all that is promised. No money, no earthly love, no health, or cars, homes, jobs, family, respect, peace, freedom, etc. You can have peace of mind over where you will end up, but little else can be counted on. I’m not saying that God won’t, and doesn’t give those things to people sometimes, but it’s not a “slam dunk” or a “right” of the Christian.

    The Bible does say God wishes to give you what you wish for, every father does want to give their children what they wish for. But what we wish for very seldom is what is good for us. Our faith is never to be based on what we get. Every Apostle but one was murdered. Most of the early fathers had the same fate. The Romans made tiki torches out of early believers, fed them to loins, ran them underground, and right now Christians are dieing all around the world for their faith. More Christians have died in the last 100 years for their faith then all the other 1900 years since Jesus, put together.

    We are entering a period of time that will make life under Emperor Nero look like a vacation. We will be raptured before the tribulation but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to get rough before then. The tribulation will be worst then anything that has happen before, but look just how bad it has been over the centuries. Anything up to that is possible. And we get discouraged and disillusioned because we can’t afford a new car?

    Jesus tells of the man who builds his home on sand, it’s carried away when the flood comes. This is what the new age church is laying as their foundations, lots of sand. They pass the sand out every Sunday, and the people take it home to bolster their foundations. These churches have any kind of sand you could want. If fact you could call these churches “sand castles” if you wished. They have coarse sand for tough guys, and they will teach them how to “promise to keep it”. They have fine sand for the girls, colored sand, don’t like the colors they have, color it any way you wish. They have meetings three times a week (and twice on Sunday) were you can bring some of your sand, and they will teach you how to make things with it. You can build walls, tunnels, and bridges; they have many ways for you to mold your sand. You can warm it and it feels good between the toes. After a while, if you get enough sand, you can make your own sand castle.

    Eventually the storms will come and the sand washes away (Matt.7:24). You’re left with no foundation for your faith, disillusion sets in. If your blessed, you may have been saved (by God working around the teachings of these sand castles) and you come away just unproductive in your Christian walk. Most just go on with their lives, unsaved and believing that God let them down.

    When John the Baptist was arrested by Herod, and imprisoned, he became disillusioned. (Jn. 11:1-18) Here was a man that before birth knew who Jesus was. He didn’t have the cushioned life. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He wasn’t the type of man that could have his faith shaken easily. He lived in the wild, ate bugs, fought the established church, and fought the local government. But he was expecting the Messiah (Jesus) to come and set things right. He was just a couple thousand years ahead of his time in his wishes. When it didn’t happen as he thought it would, disillusion set in and that started turning to ….



    John the Baptist, by Jesus’ own words, was one of the greatest men who ever walked the earth, and none were better. Pretty high praise coming from God. Yet John asked if Jesus was the "One", or should they be looking for another. He didn’t understand why things weren’t going the way he planned. Could he have been wrong, was this Jesus truly the Son of God? Well Jesus is the Son and He sent back word of what He was doing as proof. He didn’t call John on the carpet for his doubt, Jesus understands us humans.

     Doubt will come to most of us from time to time, but if your faith is built on a solid foundation, and you have received salvation, the doubt will not last. Doubt is best combated with increased knowledge in the Word of God. The world system feeds us half-lies and fantasies, and with out that “solid foundation”, our faith gets severely eroded. If we are left with nothing but sand sifting between our fingers, it’s no wonder doubt sets in. Head to the Bible, find a good teacher that isn’t building castles in the sand, and pray for faith. Even faith comes from God, pray for it, and if you’re a child of His, He’ll come though.

    The world today hits us hard in the faith department. For the believer and non-believer it’s not easy. If there is a God then why do children starve, bad people live well, good people get sick? Why does God allow earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes? Why doesn’t He stop all the wars? Believe it or not there are reasons for all that, and we’ll cover them in detail on other pages. But faith will carry the Christian though it all. If thoughts of doubt do enter your mind once in a while, you aren’t going to hell. Once saved always saved, God isn’t expecting perfection, He’s got that covered with Jesus, He just expects us to have faith in the gift of salvation, and faith that the trials we may be experiencing, will all work to our, and/or, His benefit.

    You will hear many claim that, all things work to a greater good. They are right but they leave out an important clause. God promises all with work to our benefit if we are saved, a child of his. God doesn’t make that promise to the unsaved. To the unsaved not all things work for their good. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is a popular phase today. For the unsaved sometimes what doesn’t kill them, leaves them bitter and crushed. What they consider stronger is only a hardening of the heart. It makes them cold and unfeeling. Next time you walk though the supermarket look at the eyes of so many people you see, a coldness has started to descend on the world. Their doubts, with no God in their lives, has turned them hollow. On Sunday some still go to church and fill that hollow with sand, and then move on with the rest of their week. They buy things, watch TV, go to social events of all types, but just can’t fill that “hollow”.

    For the unbelievers they fill that hollow with new age thinking, Dr. Pill and Opran, and an ocean of self help books. They doubt a God can save the world, but if we just recycle, stop smoking in public and take care of global warming, all the world will be right.

    They doubt the Bible, but will believe every would-be philosopher that can get their name on a book. Man will believe in ghosts, space aliens, big foot, and any thing they see on TV. But God, no way, they rather believe they share a common ancestor with the apes, then believe they were created by a loving God. It’s so much easier to blame your “animal instincts” then to answer to an all powerful God. For these people doubt doesn’t come from a fair evaluation of information (right or wrong), but this doubt comes from a desperate wish that there is no God. With no higher being then themselves, they only have to answer to themselves. If there is a God then there is a set of rules (laws) that we should try to live by. They can’t change those laws if they are from a much higher authority then themselves. And they don’t wish to pay for breaking them.  Even though Jesus has paid for any breaking of the law, that still means admitting they are sinful and need to humble themselves, to ask for this gift of salvation. Pride is the first and worst of sins. Man wishes to answer to no one, and if he does do something wrong, it was because of the way they were raised, or their mother made them dress funny. Man wishes to make his own laws, and there by, can be their own god. At the same time he doesn’t wish to take responsibly for his laws, after all a god doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

    Sometimes doubt is from misinformation and can be easily countered with knowledge (the Bible). But most doubt comes from a willful desire of the flesh for there to be no God, or at least one that doesn’t cramp our style. Many of the largest supporters of evolution over the years have admitted they have no desire for there to be a God. If there is a God then they will have to answer for life styles that wouldn’t pass moral judgment. Many of the experts in evolution admit that they just don’t have the facts to support it, nor do many believe it themselves. It’s just that, it’s all they have. They don’t believe in God but till they find a working alterative, evolution will have to do. Even though they don’t believe it they will continue to fight to have it taught in schools. For them anything, even all out lies, is better then God.

    Like I said before, morals and belief in God is passed from one generation to the next. A Godless world is always just one generation away. We have replaced God in our schools with the new religion of evolution. Man is the highest form of life and has made himself a god. With these new found powers man judges what is right and wrong. When man does believe in God it’s, more and more, seeker friendly or purpose driven. This God doesn’t judge as long as we sing loud and give lots of money.

    Man likes to answer only to himself, we make the rules, and in that way, if those rules become an inconvenience, we just change them. The real God, the real Jesus, are such “wet blankets”, not as much “fun”. Is it any wonder that we now have a generation whose mottos are; “just do it”, “miller time”, “you own it to your self”, “you deserve a break today”, “have it your way”, “take me away”, and on and on.

    Is it any wonder Distractions, Discouragement, Delusion, and Doubt now fill the life of the world. The good news is there is another way, let God rule your world. If you haven’t been saved check What is Salvation? If you are saved but feeling overwhelmed by the world, the four D’s maybe making in-roads. “Go back to your first love”, Jesus encourages fresh starts, He’s always waiting.


To sum up;


bulletDistractions, Discouragement, Delusion, and Doubt happen to everyone, saved and unsaved. The saved have someone to turn to in Jesus, the unsaved has only the world. I’d rather have faith in the Creator, then in His creation.
bulletThe four D’s don’t mean you’re not a child of God, they mean you’re just human.
bulletThe greatest men in the Bible at times suffered one or all of them, if you’re feeling any of them, you’re in good company.
bulletDon’t let the world over run your life, make time for God and you will have less trouble with the 4 D’s.
bulletDon’t confuse working for God and working with God. You are the vessel that He uses for His benefit, not an independent contractor. Take your lead from Him, the instructions are in the Bible. He doesn’t need a “new way of doing things”, the old way works just fine.
bulletKeep your eyes on Jesus. Peter walked on water till he became distracted by the storm, then doubt set in. The more you can keep your eyes on Him, and in the Bible, the easier it will be.
bulletFor all this to work you must be saved, if your not, today’s the day and now’s the time. I won’t promise your life will become easier (it may get harder), and I won’t promise you won’t go though times of Distractions, Discouragement, Delusion, and Doubt (must likely you will) but those times will be less and further apart. What I will promise is when you do have them you will never be alone and they will work for your greater good. Salvation is free and it doesn’t hurt, what have you to lose.



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Proverb:30:4: Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in His fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is His name, and what is His Son's name, if thou canst tell?

Proverb:30:5: Every Word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

Proverb:30:6: Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.


Re:22:18: For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
Re:22:19: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
Re:22:20: He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
Re:22:21: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
















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